How it works - at work

Are you looking for an affordable way to boost health, happiness & general wellbeing at your workplace?

Spring offers simple online programs to promote a healthier lifestyle, and therefore a healthier mind. You can join the rest of the country for the Spring Challenge online each September. Or choose your own designated mental health month.

Spring is a fun and effective way to tackle mental health at work. Participants receive daily fitness plans, recipes for every meal, mini-meditation podcasts and mindset tips. And you’ll receive group reporting on the health and happiness of your organisation.  Spring donates generously to a selection of mental health charities.  Participants choose which charity to support when they sign up.



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Once you've registered, you'll be sent everything you need to promote Spring to your employees. 

You'll also receive a unique company code, so that your staff either pay the discounted sign-up rate, or they pay nothing at all, depending on your membership terms. Staff sign themselves up online, so you can get on with the rest of your work. 




Healthier lifestyles = healthier people.

Spring starts on the 1st of the month. Your staff will have everything they need delivered to their inbox and available through the members area online. 

They receive 30-minute exercise plans for every day, a dietician-approved meal plan and recipes each week and mini-meditation podcasts. They track their mood as they go and watch it improve. 



Evaluate the effectiveness of your participation with your company report (subject to minimum 50 participants). You’ll learn about:

  • How moods were impacted each day
  • Symptoms of depression and anxiety on Day 1 compared to Day 30
  • Improvements in health and fitness
  • How your company compares to the rest of the Spring population

(Note that all reports are de-identified to protect employee privacy.)


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